Is Your Novel’s Backstory Big Enough?

Helpful video by K.M. Weiland @

The Secret To Reaching A Creative State Of Mind

It’s not a surprise that to reach a creative state of mind, we need private space without interruptions, and a set time limit.

In the John Cleese video above, he discusses two elements needed to get into a creative mood: boundaries of space and time. Cleese suggests setting a time limit, but as for me, if I have a burst of creativity, I’ll keep going as long as I can. As a visual learner, when I need to solve a problem, I visualize a cloud of thoughts hovering above and slightly in front of my head. As I work out the idea, the cloud disappears. The same process happens when I’m in creative mode.

Do you need to set aside a quiet place and time? Or are you able to become creative anywhere at anytime? Are you a visual or auditory learner, or a combination of both? I’d love to hear your thoughts.