I’ve always had a fascination with words and their origins. Borderline obsessed. Ok, I admit it.  At age 15, I had a William F. Buckley “Word of the Day” calender. Not the most common type of calender among teenagers. 

Keeping with the theme of unusual words, for the “April A to Z Challenge”, I’m going to use an unusual word for my daily prompts. No doubt, these words clearly don’t fit in everyday language –  hopefully, it will push the boundaries of my writing.

The definition of the word will be revealed at the end of the story. At the end of the month, let’s see how many words you can guess on your own.


Luke’s knees ached from kneeling on the old asphalt roof.  He’d been cleaning the gutters in a fine, steady mist of rain for the past two hours. He took his time sitting up, leaned back on his elbows, and exhaled deeply. He thought about the huge amount of work he had ahead of him. 

“Luke! Lunch is ready – Come on down!’ yelled his wife, Sophie. 

Perfect timing. He sat up, walked over to the edge of the roof. Grabbing the cold aluminum ladder with his large stained gloves, he paced himself climbing down, taking care not to slip on muddy, wet leaves. 

“So, what’s for lunch?” He asked, pulling his soggy, fleece sweatshirt over his head. Sophie leaned against the stark white tile kitchen counter. “Hot turkey on a roll with gravy.” Smiling, he shook his damp wavy brown hair like a dog who just came in from the rain. “Mmm. Sounds good. Hey Beth, good to see you.”  Beth smiled and nodded, her mouth full with pound cake. She looked over to Sophie and said “Good thing Luke isn’t automysophobic.”  Sophie poured herself a fresh cup of coffee, “Yeah, really.  Otherwise the outside of the house would be a one hell of a mess.” 



Automysophobia – a morbid fear of being dirty.

P.S Yes, I know I’m behind in the A to Z challenge, I’ll catch up. 🙂