Book Review: The Paris Lawyer


“The Paris Lawyer” by Sylvie Granotier is about Catherine, a young Parisian lawyer who delves into the murder of her mother while preparing to defend a rural woman accused of murdering her husband. Written from a third person’s point of view, mostly in thoughts and flashbacks of Catherine and other characters, confused me. Several times I needed to re-read a section to decide if the author was writing about the present or the past and which character was the focus of the story. Considering the book was originally written in French, along with Granotier writing a “story within a story” with multiple POV’s, didn’t add to my reading experience.

“The Paris Lawyer” won the 2011 Grand Prix Sang d’ecre. Perhaps the subtleties of language became lost in translation, because I didn’t enjoy this book. If you liked the alternating POV’s used in “Gone Girl”, then you’ll appreciate this book.

An ARC was provided to me through Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.