Priceless Moment at The Smithsonian

A Priceless Moment at The Smithsonian

Over the weekend, our family visited Washington, D.C for the first time. The Smithsonian was our last stop for the day. After waiting on line for over thirty minutes in the blistering hot sun, we shuffled into the museum. Inching through the museum’s doors, a blast of air conditioning snapped us out of our heat induced stupor. A large crowd gathered around a young woman in a blue uniform, as she held a megaphone. Her inaudible, muffled announcement ricocheted off the museum’s pristine white stone walls. Walking closer towards the crowd, the Star Spangled Banner blaring. As we got closer, we saw visitors surrounding and supporting an enormous American flag. My nine-year old son captured this unforgettable moment. We couldn’t have asked for a more heartwarming welcome to D.C.