Review: Tales From The Family Crypt – 4 Stars




Every family has some level of dysfunction. In Carroll’s memoir, she recounts the dysfunctional, toxic relationships between her siblings. In the middle of her book, I thought to myself, “It can’t get any worse” – but it did.  As each of her elderly parents or in-laws die, the breakdown of communication between siblings continues to spiral downward.  Carroll presented the difficulties of sibling rivalries, along with the anguish  surrounding the deaths of her parents and in-laws. Many of her relatable stories made me laugh out loud, yet just as many made me shudder.

Under the stress of elders dying, dysfunctional families  become even more verbally and emotionally destructive towards each other. The majority of people don’t even realize their toxic relationship with family members, because their behavior was considered normal and acceptable.  Healthy, open communication is one of the cornerstones of  family dynamics.

I’d  recommend this book because it demonstrates all families grow up with some level of dysfunction, some more than others. I’d especially recommend Tales From The Family Crypt for someone who is dealing with the death of  a close family member, since many underlying resentments begin to surface and it can be exasperating to deal with other family member’s reactions. Hopefully people will recognize dysfunctional family dynamics and correct them, before passing down the dysfunction  to the next generation.