B is for BELDAM



Under the stone bridge, Kristina and Callie huddled close together, using all of their strength to support each other. Winged insects fluttered near their faces. Stretching out their legs, they clutched each other even closer, as if courage could be gained from their grip. The subtle rippling of water trickled over the piles of mossy stones in the brook.

“Do you think she’s gone?” Kristina asked.

“I hope so. We ran halfway through the village. I don’t think she’d follow us this far.”

“Hope you’re right “, said Callie.

Suddenly, branches snapped with a loud crack, a boulder rolled haphazardly down the slope of the hill, bouncing against the earth, landing in the brook. The girls shrieked and held each other even closer. Tears dribbled down Kristina’s cheek.

“Where did that come from?” whispered Kristina. 

‘I don’t know. Let’s pray that we’re safe from that nasty beldam.”  said Callie.



Beldam – An old woman; a hag.