A to Z Challenge -“D” for Thriller Book Review: The Day Of The Jackal

The Day Of The Jackal by Frederick Forsythe is one of my top ten favorite thriller novels. This is one of the rare moments in film where the movie is equally, if not better than the novel.

The Day Of The Jackal is a brilliant and exciting historical fiction thriller. The premise is plausible – a recounting of actual assassination attempts on French President Charles De Gaulle by the French terrorist group,the OAS. Government officials discover that the OAS hired a foreigner (The Jackal) to assassinate De Gaulle.

Using the third-person omniscient form, Forsyth takes us into the minds and actions of the plotters, the police, and the Jackal. What makes this novel a shining star is Forsyth’s vivid descriptions of typically routine daily police work: checking records, passport photos, questioning hotel clerks, setting up road blocks, etc.

The reader follows the Jackal step by step as he arranges the creation of false identities, the design and production of the perfect weapon, extensively studies de Gaulle, selects the perfect time and place for the kill, and identifies his escape route. Forsythe keeps the reader entertained with his intricate details and clever plotting. The end result is a novel that is suspenseful, engaging and exciting.

Book Review of Thrillers: Boys from Brazil

Today’s prompt for the A to Z challenge is the letter “B”. I’m reviewing the 1970’s thriller,”The Boys from Brazil” by Ira Levin.
Ira Levin blends the elements of sci-fi with the vile intentions of an evil Nazi Doctor who intends to recreate a Fourth Reich. Dr. Joseph Mengele, director of the human experiments at Auschwitz during WW II, hatches a plot to bring back a new and improved “Fourth Reich”. Using a plan to clone Hitler’s genes, Mengele positions the young Hitler’s in locations throughout the world, in families like Hitler’s own, with the intention that of one of the boys will grow up to become a “new” Hitler. (At the time of the publication of this book, Mengele was still alive and hiding out in South America.) Meanwhile, the aging Nazi hunter Franz Lieberman uncovers the plot, working against time constraints, Nazi hit men and the fractured mindset of Dr. Mengele to stop the scheme in its infancy.

The idea of extracting genes to create clones seemed far-fetched back in the 1970’s. Today, genetic cloning is a common practice. It’s a chilling thought that a person with malicious intentions could perhaps wreak havoc with the human race. With sharp dialogue and increasing drama, this fast paced thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end.

RATING: 5 stars

RATING: 5 stars