Top 10 Writing Tips and the Psychology Behind It

Painting by Geoffrey Johnson
Painting by Geoffrey Johnson

We’ve all read oodles of books and articles on writing tips. Take a moment to read this outstanding post: over at Josh Bernoff’s blog, Without Bullshit. You won’t regret it. Plus, there’s a cool printable chart to hang near your writing area.

Five Sentence Synopsis – Surgery for your WIP

Writers Nook at Shakespeare & Co., Paris  Credit: Bloomsbury Publishing
Writers Nook at Shakespeare & Co., Paris
Credit: Bloomsbury Publishing

I came across a useful article about the Five Sentence Synopsis, a tool to use when self-editing or plotting your novel. It’s five targeted sentences you write about one character focusing on either story structure, internal journey, or romantic arc.

Check out the entire post written by Camy Tang below:

Five sentence synopss for your WIP

Tips for Achieving NanoWrimo Success

Before you embark on NanoWrimo, check out this useful article by Lisa Cron at Story First, Writing Second – Especially Come November

Only three weeks to go until NanoWrimo begins. Make the most of your time by having your storyline prepared first, then you can write your heart out.

Oblique Strategies for Writing by Stephen Blackmoore

Go over to Chuck Wendig’s blog and check it out this post about getting beyond writer’s block. **Warning – lots of cursing involved.**
Stephen Blackmoore, a guest writer on his blog, wrote an extremely helpful post using oblique strategies for writing – short phrases that helps you move forward when you’ve hit writer’s block. According to Blackmoore, “It still reads like bumper sticker advice, but the important thing is context. I know what I mean by them.”

It’s well worth reading. I’ve already printed a copy for myself.

How to give your Character more Depth

What is Four Dimensional Characterisation?.

by Cate Russell-Cole’s blog “CommuiCATE Resources For Writers.

Here’s an *excellent* blog post about describing your characters in four dimensions. Along with describing your characters by the characteristics we can observe,

    take it a step further by including what patterns they replay in their subconscious mind, motivating their behavior and driving their emotion.

What’s the best Online Editing Software?

I’m re-blogging this informative post by C.M Skeira, “Online Editing Software: Pro Writing Aid vs. Autocrit”.  He discusses how to select the best editing software and getting the most “bang for your buck”.

Please let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Online Editing Software: Pro Writing Aid vs. AutoCrit.