Book Review: Gonzo Girl


GONZO GIRL By Cheryl Della Pietra

Rating: 3 Stars 

Inspired by her time as Hunter S. Thompson’s assistant, Gonzo Girl is a fast paced fictional story about Alley, a recent Ivy League graduate with no publishing connections, who jumps at the opportunity to work as the assistant to the famous Walker Reade. After applying for the job, she received a 3 A.M. call from Reade, who asked her to fly out to Colorado for a three-day trial period.

Her unpredictable trial period, includes a .44 magnum, purple-pyramid acid, massive cocaine use and violent outbursts.  Reade invites her to stay for several months at his compound. Month after month, Alley tries to coax another novel out of Walker Reade, but becomes emotionally exhausted and realizes the danger of staying alone in the Colorado Rockies, at the mercy of a drug-addicted writer who may never produce another novel.

Gonzo Girl is a fast paced, soft-hearted fictional portrait of the literary icon. I’d recommend it for anyone interested in Hunter S. Thompson, gonzo journalism or crazy lifestyles.

**The publisher provided me with an ARC in exchange for an unbiased review. **

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