Review: The Unfortunates: A Novel




The Unfortunates is a story of an old-money family in opulent decline. The POV is told from three characters. It begins with Cece, the family matriarch, living in a “research institute” reviewing the past of her charmed life her and impending mortality. It switches to man-child son, George, who takes advantage of his Mother’s absence to fulfill his artistic theater dreams. Finally, we hear from Iris, George’s practical, down to earth wife, who the mother despises.

Overall, the characters were bland and two-dimensional. Iris was the only likeable character with depth,  who feels uncomfortable with her husband’s wealth, yet protects George from his poor financial judgment.  I think the author was aiming for The Unfortunates to be a tragedy, but it doesn’t work because I couldn’t relate to the characters. The Unfortunates lacked in substance along with shallow, bland characters. I wouldn’t recommend it.

An advanced reader’s copy was provided to me by Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

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