Book Review: The Stone Mattress

The stone mattress

The Stone Mattress by Margaret Atwood


Using themes of aging, revenge, morality and love, Atwood is at her best in her latest work, The Stone Mattress. Unlike other authors, Atwood writes dark, chilling stories about elderly characters not playing their typical role – such as narrators looking back, telling the stories of their glory days. Her characters are dropped into the dystopian action right in the middle of a retirement home. Since most of the stories involve authors, one can’t help but wonder if the stories are slightly autobiographical. Her beautiful and smart writing seeps straight to your bones, letting you digest and relish the precious moments of the stories.

The Stone Mattress and Torching The Daisies were my favorite stories. The Stone Mattress is a tale of revenge involving a black widow and a 1.9 billion years old stromatolites. If you enjoy dark, chilling, fantasy with a touch of gothic stories, you’ll enjoy this collection of short stories.

** I received an advanced copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.**

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