Memorable Monday Book Review: Deep Winter


Deep Winter is a crime noir novel that has stayed with me long after I finished reading it.For today’s Memorable Monday, I’m reviewing this  small town murder story by Samuel W. Gailey.


A brutal murder in an isolated small rural Pennsylvania town sets off a chain of events made more complicated by the town’s dark secrets. Told from several points of view over a short period of time, this was a fascinating “old school” type read with a chilling noir feel. I usually don’t like head hopping characters, as it becomes confusing to keep track of all the characters. Yet, Mr. Gailey described several character’s point of view with skill. At the center of this story is Danny, a twenty-four year old who is mentally challenged due to a childhood near drowning accident. Since the accident, Danny lost some of his mental capabilities, but physically continued to grow into a two hundred fifty pound man. Most of the locals are intimidated by Danny’s large build, but he’s actually a gentle giant. Some people have tormented him since childhood, including the town’s deputy.The exception is Mindy, his only childhood friend who shares the same birthday with him. After Danny decides to visit Mindy on her birthday to give her a present, he discovers her naked and in a twisted heap on the floor.

Mr Gailey creates a tense, claustrophobic atmosphere within the tightly woven plot, giving us an authentic taste of small town life. Everyone knows every one else’s business and people tend to never leave the town. Deep Winter gives the reader a dark look at human nature, how people are quick to make assumptions and judge others. The overall theme of this book is about judgement and empathy.

Deep Winter is a chilling, fast paced crime fiction. I highly recommend it for those who love crime fiction.

ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.



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