Five Minute Friday Prompt: Willing


     When I hear the word “willing”, I also think of “willpower” and “follow-through”. When I have a goal in mind, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Whether it takes a mental or physical toll on myself, I know that I can push through it, because it’s temporary. Many are willing to fight for a cause, but aren’t willing to follow through, because it’s a lot of work. Pushing yourself to your limits is difficult, but pressing on is a state of mind. My Uncle used to say “If one soldier dies, it doesn’t mean the war stops. You have to keep fighting to the end.” If you want something bad enough, you’ll keep fighting until you get it.

     You have to focus on your goal, since others will have their personal agenda, trying to knock you down. Grit and persistence are the tools you’ll need. Willingness is like a muscle. The more you use it, the easier it becomes to follow through. It does get better with practice. The more goals I achieve, the more resilient I become.


This is a Five Minute Friday attempt, so thanks for giving me the freedom to try something totally different today. You can be a part of Five Minute Friday too. Just head over to and you’ll find all the details, along with a bunch of fantastic posts and supportive community. Thanks for reading today!

3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Prompt: Willing

  1. Thanks for sharing! I really like your comparison of willingness to willpower. It certainly does need practise and willpower to keep an open mind and be willing to follow something to the end. I like the muscle reference, too! 🙂


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