Five Minute Friday Prompt: Grace


Sorry I’m a day late for the Five Minute Friday Prompt. The prompt is Grace.

Twisting and turning through the unfamiliar neighborhood. One way streets and detour surround me. My neck and shoulders tighten, wondering how do I get out of this place? The GPS has me going around in circles. My temples are throbbing, my eyes are tearing up.
The GPS is thrown to the backseat of the car. Taking a deep breath, I ask God to take over. Give me grace. I have 15 minutes to get to Hoboken and my way isn’t working. Show me the way.
A sense of clarity and calmness overwhelms me.
Forget the GPS, follow the street signs. You will make it in time.
The visiting hour will be over in three minutes. Just enough time to see my son, A.
A. spots me, giving me a quick smile. He’s much calmer than a few days earlier. “Mom, you’ve got bad timing. I’d like to talk with you, but I’m in the middle of playing Yahtzee with my new friend.” After he gives me a brief, tight hug, he scampers back to his room, the heavy hospital door closing behind him.

He’s finally made his first friend.

This is a Five Minute Friday attempt, so thanks for giving me the freedom to try something different today. You can be a part of Five Minute Friday too. Just head over to and you’ll find all the details, along with a bunch of fantastic posts and supportive community. Thanks for reading today.

5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Prompt: Grace

  1. Hi! Visiting from Five Minute Friday! I remember the first time I used a gps. I was so frustrated. I vowed I’d never completely depend on one again. Like you, I turned it off and relied on his grace to figure it out. side note…love my gps now. Great post. Blessings to your boy.


  2. I liked the part where you threw the GPS in the back seat!!! They are such a waste of time and money. We are so manipulated by marketing and the media. If you’re going some place new and unknown to you, take a few minutes to consult a map, get internet directions, or verbal directions from someone who knows how to get there. Even people with a lousy sense of direction got around fine before these latest idiot boxes were invented. And, in the end, they’re really just another electronic tracking device anyway. You are much better off without them, kid. — YUR


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