Five Minute Friday Prompt: Ordinary


Think twice before brushing off an ordinary person
Because what lies hidden underneath
is often an extraordinary person.

In my short time on earth so far (ok, 48 years, whatever!)
The people who helped me during the roughest time in my life
Were the ordinary, unassuming ones
People that I barely knew from work

Three people offered their help
That I couldn’t put a price on it
Because they were helping my sons and I
Escape to a safe place

They appeared to be ordinary people
They did much more than I expected
Two of them let me stay in their house
While the other helped me on his day off

These ordinary people were Angels

Meanwhile, the loudmouth do-gooders
Were nowhere to be found

I ran from house to house to get help
From the “good folks in the community”
That lived on my street
Out of three houses
Two people never answered their door, even though they were obviously home
At the last house, she opened the door
As soon as I asked for help
She held up her hand like a policeman, nodding her head “No”
Slammed the heavy mahogany door in my face

So next time
Pay attention to the unassuming, ordinary ones
They will help you
Faster than the ones who advertise their goodness.

Five Minute Friday

This is a crazy Five Minute Friday attempt, so thanks for giving me the freedom to try something totally different today. You can be a part of Five Minute Friday too. Just head over to and you’ll find all the details, along with a bunch of fantastic posts and supportive community. Thanks for reading today!

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Prompt: Ordinary

  1. Yea for five minute Fridays! It is so true that sometimes the most non-assuming, ordinary people become our heroes. After all Clark Kent was pretty much a nerdy nobody. It is easy to shrug off or ignore people that we do not see as special, but in the end it is those people who can come and save the day.
    Thank you for sharing!


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